AS47447 is the network managed by 23media.de. We are currently serving several datacenters in Germany, the Netherlands and UK. We are generally open for peering but have some regulations:

  • direct sessions require 100Mbit/s traffic on a regular basis, lower traffic levels are handled via route-server at each IX.

  • direct sessions can be set up starting at 100Mbit/s traffic

  • starting at 500 Mbit/s of traffic we can speak about PNI

General Rules
  • The peering partner must have an autonomous system registered on one of the five internet registries

  • The peering partner must not abuse the peering relationship by doing the following: point default route, reset next hop, sell or give the next hop to third parties, and so forth

  • The peering partner must operate a 24/7 NOC

  • The peering partner must announce the same set of routes at all peering points, both for IPv4 and IPv6 sessions.

  • The peering partner must NOT announce prefixes longer than /24.

  • The peering partner shall keep its PeeringDB objects up to date.

Please see our PeeringDB entry for further details.